Saturday, January 07, 2006

"You break his heart, I break your face."

I am at my teenage desk, listening to "She Loves Me" from the Some Kind of Wonderful Soundtrack. When I was 13 or maybe 14 I used to watch that movie every day and cry because I was so infatuated with Eric Stoltz and I prayed I'd get finally get kissed like he kisses Mary Stuart Masterson. This is the song that's playing when they kiss and it's burned in my brain.

Sara and I were talking about it once and both started to make each other bawl about it by repeating (and probably butchering) the line when Watts screams, "All I care about in the world are my drums and you!" I may cry now thinking about it. WHAT.

I saw it again recently and of course, sobbed the whole time. I forgot that Mary Stuart Masterson's character has star tattoos- completely erased from my memory, which is creepy when you look at my wrist. Also sort of weirdto note was that I long for a Mini, it's my dream car and she has one in the movie- forgot that too. Subconcious programming of pre-teen Brandy! Terrifying.

Anyway...this is all neither here nor there. Because I finally DID get kissed (had to wait until I was 15- no, I'm not kidding, and I made up for lost time, believe you me). So now you'd think I'd be over all that silliness and puffery, but no. No, I'm sitting here, drinking my can of Dr. Pepper, and swinging in my desk chair, staring into space, singing along to this song, thinking about being kissed. But not by Eric Stoltz anymore. No, this is a real boy I am thinking about, and he's dreamy, and that's so much better. Who knew?

And now to make Allocco cry when she reads this:
Eric Stoltz puts diamond earrings into Mary Stuart Masterson's double pierced ear and says:
"You look good wearing my future."


saraisloco said...

Aimee and I are having sisters bonding night at her apartment with Astaire and now I'm fucking crying.

WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU KEITH NELSON???? (name of Stoltz's character)

Brandy For Sale. said...

I also love how all their names are a Rolling Stones tribute- Amanda Jones, Keith and Watts.

Please note I want to nail Eric Stolz and pull his hair, specifically that 80s haircut. Also in "Killing Zoe". What is it about skinny fairskinned boys with tattoos?! Grrrowl.

Sonia said...

My fav teen movies is Foxes. I must have seen it a dozen times and I cry everytime when Annie dies and at the end, when the character played by Jodie Foster (Can't remember her name. For some reason, I think it was Jenny.) sit under the tree and talk about Annie wanting to be buried under a pear tree.

I loooooove that movie. Plus, it had Scott Baio in it and he was a cutie.


Brandy For Sale. said...

Foxes! What a great movie! I remember watching it on HBO when I was little. Awesome.