Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Trip To Bountiful.

Steve and I just returned from a trip to the local Trader Joe's* which is a scant 5 minutes from our house. I explained again how insane my parents are for not shopping there on a daily basis as I jammed shit into my ever-open mouth.

Here's what we got:

Papdum Crisps- Tandoori Masala Flavored (out of this world- so f'n good I couold cry/eat half the bag on car ride home)

Cilantro- Pecan Dip- Whoa.

Roasted Red Pepper Dip- base ingredient is cream cheese, so clearly we are BFFs, this dip and I.
Best enjoyed slathered in my white trash staple, Ritz crackers. Yes I WAS born in Mississippi, why do you ask?

Roasted Red Pepper Spread w/ Eggplant- this is neon orange and we went through my last stash of it at the Baltic Street Xmas Cocktail Bash. I plan to put it on a sandwich with the remaing tri-tip roast my Dad & Mom made and some nice thick french bread.

White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries- Steve's choice, because he's classy that's why. They come frozen and individually wrapped in cheesecloth that's made to look like a strawberry as well- very Japanese packaging in its attention to detail methinks.

Sparkling Cranberry Juice- Steve loves it. They also have sparkling blueberry juice. Of COURSE they do.

Bruchetta Spread- OK this is cheating on one of the easiet things ever to make, but since it's from TJ's I know it's going to be mind-blowingly good and I'll want to eat it out of the jar.

Thai Chili & Lime Cashews- I think I should have gone for the peanuts. Cashews are a bit too sweet for this. Still better than the best most lovingly rendered Chex Mix, however.

And lastly, a bottle of the ever fab Two Buck Chuck, in the red kind.

And now, we're off to horf down whatever is not bolted down.

*for those of you unfortunate enough not to be in the know, Trader Joe's is like an awesome gourmet-yet-not-uppity marketplace full of aisles and aisles of the most scrumtilicious-est foods you could ever conjure up in your wettest of wet dreams. It's kind of like Whole Foods, but actually good and not shamlessly over-priced in order to fleece dipshits who think it looks cool to have a beige plastic grocery bag on the F train.


NotWithoutMyHatand Bell said...

Trader Joe's rocks..there are a bunch on L.I...that is why I will eventually go back to being a suburban girl and also so I can drive Astaire and Bogart around in their doggie car seats.

Brandy For Sale. said...

They will be quite fancy methinks!