Thursday, January 05, 2006

Come Over.

“I don’t know why women can’t turn to each other and go, ‘Jesus, if I have to give my kid a bath one more night I’m just going to shoot myself in the head.'” - Felicity Huffman, on generic wife roles in Entertainment Weekly


Glenda said...

Haha I love that quote!

Those of us that fall outside of the "generic wife roles" just avoid talking about our children in day to day conversations. I mean, there's the occasional conversation about the kids..but as the only topic ever..hell no.

The women who can't find anything to say unless it's about their children are seriously losing thier identity.

That's how spawn are so evil..if you don't watch out, they will suck you dry and leave nothing but a shell thats there to serve them ;)

BTW -- thanks for all the comments! - I was MIA for a little while, but back now in full force.

Brandy For Sale. said...

Love it! And glad you're back, looking forward to some good stuff at Locked Up!