Wednesday, January 11, 2006

And If You Don't Want It, Then Burn The Hell Up.

I saw this posted somewhere else but wanted to transplant it to my blog instead of reply to where it was posted.

is it you?

pick 10 people on your list [Editor's note- or who you love and who you assume read this pile of mess once every now and again]
& say something about each of them. see if they can figure out which one is them....

  1. loves to bike around DUMBO and snap lovely pix
  2. is totally into zombie attack preparedness
  3. designs amazing Goddess-inspired jewelry
  4. his inexplicable and shame-free love of sitcom "FRIENDS" does not reflect at all on his brilliant comedic talents
  5. calls me Bran Van 3000 and owns the CD (as do I)
  6. though not afraid to shout down giant cab drivers or be a smartass to NYPD cops when drunk, is afraid of being in apartment by herself sometimes
  7. once drunkenly yanked a veil off of a dummy at a bachelorette party and yelled in her face "This should be MINE!"
  8. says she does not read my blog because it makes her upset, but then does and tries to chastize me for my errant ways over her constant mystery novel & caffienne-free Diet Coke
  9. Once when I kissed him on the cheek & left a huge red lipstick mark at a Halloween party, said he would never wash that cheek again
  10. Once after drinking an entire bottle of champagne in 1/2 hour, gave herself 3rd degree burns and food poisoning when she staggered back to the cabin we were staying in and attempted to make "weenie bites" out of raw hot dogs and crescent rolls placed on a flimsy sheet of foil

You know who you are.


saraisloco said...

Well clearly all of these comments are about me. Right? RIGHT BARBER??!!

2na said...

1? I am on to 6, 7 and is 10 Rootie?
Gee Bran... I knew you were into me, it must have been all the creepy belt unbuckling in Key W... creepy uncle ang! Now for real when the f are you back.. I walked past you apartment tonight saw a creepy cigarette and half aand arm hanging out the window and said to myself where the f is barbara, I mean Barber... are you really in rehab or something or at some writers retreat.. get your ass back here already...

ghostfacekilla said...

Wait am I the CD Bran Van?

Can't wait to check out your tan lines :)

Call ya boy I miss ya

April said...

dude! i am so #3! and i would love to meet #2 and discuss the whole zombie thing. i'm fascinated.

Michelle said...

I stole this for my blog. Thanks!

Brandy For Sale. said...

1) Sir Elton Loves You Allocco.
2) 10 is when someone else had their Rudy Kazootie moment, Ang!
3) You are cute and up too early for work mister.
4) April you HAVE met #2 and I think you did discuss zombies at the Xmas party- no?

Yo, what happened to peace? PEACE.

Max Kelly said...

I was going to say that when I read #9 I didn't experience a feeling comparable to an orgasm while on coke. But that would be lying.
And I don't lie because that is naughty.

I miss you really deep and hard brandy. So much that i made a fucking blogger identity to write you a comment

April said...

OMG! i do know #2!!! wild.

Brandy For Sale. said...

Ok, so 4 of them have it figured out. Where the fuck are the rest of you G.D.-it?!