Monday, January 16, 2006

Apparently, I work for or something.

I think normally, people tend to wait until someone upsets them to think like this. Some incident occurs and they get bitter and angry, and then put a sentiment like this up at their cubicle or post it on their blog with a vague, wounded paragraph about how they've grown or learned something, and so on and so forth. To clarify: When I say "people" I mean, "Brandy".

But when I read this the other day I thought, you know what, I am finally happy right now, and have been for a month or so. And I intend to remain that way. It's rather nice to be arrive there and not via "I got dumped/disillusioned with work/fucked over by a confidante and now I'll show them by proving I'm self-reliant" or some such whimpering. It's nice to get yourself there, not in reaction to something but out of choice.

So this post is a sort of big girl electronic post-it note. It is, in essence, only for me to appreciate. As is this whole stupid collection of yammering I refer to as a blog. And that's the way uh-huh uh-huh I like it. BOOYA! (punches self in face until bloody)

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