Friday, January 27, 2006


January 2006 002
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Giulia and I are having a real super time at my pad having a blog party!!! That's right kids you heard it right, a BLOG party!!!!!!!!

Yay for ponies and ice creams and glitter nail polish and Stayfree maxi thins! (FART)


Giulia said...

Whoa whose are those queers?

saraisloco said...

Seriously. I sort of want to make out with both of them.

BTW - does a blog party involve reading my blog and crying that I'm not there? Yeah I wasn't sure about that either.

Sonia said...

Yeahhhh! A blog party!!! Can I party too? LOL!

I could use a little party. At the moment, I'm in my pyjamas, with my velcro rollers in my hair (very sexy), checking out blogs and I'm about to watch the General Hospital episode that I TIVOed today.

Really exciting, right? LOL!