Monday, January 30, 2006

This Is For You, Wendy.

When I was 19 or so, I was cast in the supporting role in a play called "The Heidi Chronicles". I was really excited-it was a funny part, which I planned to ham up to the umpteenth. But as the rehearsals progressed I started to really absorb what the play was about, and what it stood for.

That play is largely responsible for why I live in New York now. Why I didn't just settle for marrying the first man that asked me, or the second for that matter. It taught me to care about women's history, and to want to learn more about it, and eventually to minor in it as an undergraduate. It made me not too scared to go through life not trying, striving to be part of a couple. Even now, I'm not scared. I can have the life I want, I don't need a romantic attachment to a man to make it somehow whole. And while I admit I like the idea of having a companion, I also like the idea of never settling. I will have kids whether or not I meet a man I want to marry when I'm ready to be a mom. That type of thinking just wasn't part of my life in ultra-christian republican* suburban San Diego. Who am I kidding, I know people NOW who don't challenge themselves to think that way. And that's why when I saw this today, I started to cry.

So thanks Wendy. Thanks for your light, sweet play that most certainly made me who I am today. And while I am the first to admit that's not much- I mean, a loud lazy alcoholic is the latest incarnation- I hope you know how much your work meant to countless women, and, we hope, horny drama pervert guys who were forced to leanr your lines and maybe, just maybe, retained some sense of respect in the process. But I doubt that.

My respect and gratitude to you and love to Lucy Jane.

* lower case deliberately to show lack of respect, I am not a retard.

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