Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Reasons I'll Never Get Married: Part #6,789.

kudos to postsecret, where i always seem to end up bursting into silent tears while reading.


ElizaF said...

don't let the account of one person who is wishing their wonderful life away let you limit yours ... marraige is blooming wonderful. Like eggs you add spice to make it interesting, add sugar to make it sweet but when it goes off, phew it can stink. However like eggs, even stinkey ones can be fixed with a little work :)

Brandy For Sale. said...

Thanks, Eliza- you're a positive influence. With the whole marriage thing I tend to waffle, somedays I finally think I want to do it eventually and then I watch an epidose of "Bridezillas" and barf a bit in my mouth. Or I'll hear of some romantic way someone proposed and then, read this card and become terrified at the complexity of the human heart.

And then I eat some chocolate covered gummy bears.

2na said...

spit and give finger to wedding dress asap

Brandy For Sale. said...

Rudy Kazootie! Why did you pants the groom and try to grab the bride's goodies?!? KAZOOTS!

2na said...

Why did you do that Rootie?
Rootie: Cause
Cause why Rootie?
Rootie: Cause i wanted to loser, beat it, (Finger pointing up to the sky Rootie runs after throwing a flower arrangement in the middle of the dance floor while father dances with bride)