Monday, January 30, 2006

Your Kiss Is On My List.

I have been largely distracted the past couple of days and as such my attempts at being creative and doing something proactive have been dismal at best. So tonight I am going to bake something and write. I need to make something versus watching other people making something.

Also I am going to rock it out to some blue-eyed soul: that's right people, Hall & Oates. Well well, you, you mak-a my dreams come true.

Now off to google about colon odor issues because it fascinates me.


2na said...

brandy "i can't go for that" kinda googlin

saraisloco said...

When "Sara Smile" plays do what I like to think all of my exes do and cry....then be glad I'm out of your life. (well them not you my sweet!)

Brandy For Sale. said...

I heard a frightful colonic story and now I have some wierd problem where I NEED TO KNOW Ang, what is my issue?!? Stop it, Barber take off the Rudy hat NOW!

I like to think of you and sing "Sara" by Starship little ladyfriend.