Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hey Hey, You're The Monkeys.

Just don't go back to Big Sur. Baby, baby please don't go.

I, sires and madames (copyright Sara Allocco 2005), have had way too much red wine tonight. I went and sat in my parent's hot tub, looked up past the palm tree canaopy at the stars, and listened to my iPod. And marveled at how drunk I managed to get playing Scrabble with my folks. I haven't been drinking since I've been home and as a result my tolerance went to "reset". Eeep.

I am now in my huge bed, listening to musics and such, eating Jelly Bellies and hyperfixating on stupid things I have no control over. Or more to the point, I have control that I don't want to use. I hate being all adult and making good choices. But I am going to have to. Being thirty means knowing better, even if I pretend sometimes that I don't.

Fucking fuck. Now I am listening to "Me & Mrs Jones". What. More wine, my liege! I miss my friend Aram Monisoff right...NOW.

Check the Rhime. All the time, Tip.


2na said...

Is that you Rudy? Rudy plays scrabble... I bet Rudy spells out some good ones..

Brandy For Sale. said...

Here they are:

Dumpster (8 points)
Salamander (14 points)
Coked up in a Florida Trailer Park with Billy From Philly (Triple Word Score)