Saturday, December 24, 2005 was...soap poisoning!

I got food poisoning from something I ate at the stupid JetBlue TErminal at JFK yesterday, and spent my first day home in Sunny Southern Californina in bed whinging at whomever had the misfortune of listening to me.

My Mom fed me flat 7up and ministered to me. At one point she tried to make me feel better by putting on the TV, but unfortunately she turned on "Regis & Kelly" and that made the nasuea oh, so much worse. I want to take a dump in Kelly Ripa's mouth. That's a to do.

I just started to feel better at about 8 this evening, so I finally came downstairs and had old school soul sing along party with my Dad, one of our favorite activities. He puts on a random song and I have to guess the title and artist, then we sing a few bars, then it starts all over again. My Mom meanwhile reads on of her mystery novels and glares at us from time to time. My Dad has jerry-rigged his laptop so that his iTunes has a wireless connection and he can play dj from the couch. Once in a while, the family bassett hound Yorktown wakes up from his bed, whimpers, and then passes back out. It's pure heaven, aside from the incredibly painful stomach cramps I'm having and the fact that I can only eat chicken broth and rye toast, no In N Out Burger and no wine. Curses!

I'm hoping I'm better tomorrow so my newly 21 year old brother and I can make the rounds of the local beach trash bars here. I can't wait to call my Mom and make her pick us up, drunk as skunks. The long sighs and head shaking that will surely accompany this are going to be a pure delight.

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MIKE DA HAT said...

I've enjoyed reading all this rubbish.Very entertaining.
Rock on Dude. Merry Xmas