Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Mighty Boosh.

Short Clip.

Full Episode.

My pal Sophie from Dublin told me about this show when she was here, and it took a few more mentions of it for me to realize I had to know more. This afternoon, I was looking at the website for The Streets, wanted a shirt or some such nonsense, and the online store for Mike Skinner also seemed to carry merchandise for the show. I did a bit if reading, a bit of peeking, and low and behold, it's fucking crazy and awesome. Even better? There's significant crossover from the whole Garth Merenghi's Darkplace crew. This only means good things. And this is really odd- I thought I recognized the guy who plays an American on the show. It was driving me nuts. The it hit me- It's Rich Fulcher, one of the original members of the UCB. I remember seeing him around the theater numerous times when he was in town, doing his one man show. In fact, I recall slipping him free beers when I was bartending at one of the last Del Close Marathons I worked at- maybe 2003? How bizarre.

All of this leads to me mentioning that my dream is to have a hit comedy series on BBC someday. I want to go there first, make it, and then maybe make it big here. My obsession with being psuedo-European is odd, but bear with me. I want what I want. Of course, that means I have to stop watching cult British comedy on YouTube and actually WRITING SOMETHING. Harumph.


matt said...

Good luck. I was in England for FOUR MONTHS and nobody offered me a prime-time television show.

Brandy For Sale. said...

Well, they are naughty for not giving you the acclaim you so rightly deserve. I'll have that fixed when I take the UK by storm.