Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Story About My Life One Fateful Friday NIght As Told Thru Images.

Borrowing (also known as blatant plagarism) is always a trick I like to employ, especially when it's from my pal Jack Kukoda. Jack maintains a screamingly hilarious blog full of nonsense and malarkey and you should read it ever so faithfully. He is funny and also, sometimes he cleans up nice for humping purposes and may try to look at your boobs (not just for the ladies, FYI, gents).

The moral is this. Life is about the things you collect along the way, be they memories of shared love for Karl Wallinger, or the way someone smells like Hugo Boss and cigarettes and gin, or the way someone's mouth looks when they pronounce the words "Lolita Bar" with an English accent, or experiences enveloped in fancy feather comforters, or the feel of slick black slate tile against your bare shoulder blade, or matchbooks you hold in the palm of your hand and smirk at. I like matchbooks.

PS Margot Leitman will totally get you laid.


saraisloco said...

This entry made me feel weird "down there". And I reckon that I sort of like it.

2na said...

mysterious lady...
if you dont meet up with me this week
suffer a real face raking!

Brandy For Sale. said...

That is not a photo of me in the shower, BTW. I guess they filmed a porno at the Rivington. I don't blame them.