Monday, September 04, 2006

Such a lovely arrangement.

Krush Groove All Stars. 'Nuff said.

If you come see my show this Saturday, I promise at some point I will drunkenly perform this entire rap on the mic complete with shout outs to Sara & DJ Law, as per usual. I still have this 45" at home in my room, in a shoebox.

Groundbreaking. And you can dance to it, too, assface.

They call me a B Girl. They may well be right.

I had the hots for Special Ed.

One of the best raps. Hands down. D Nice is just a description.

So so def is correct, Gangstarr.

Couldn't forget this classic.

Oh, my.

YouTube makes being alive a new, wonderful Pandora's Box of discovery and delight and songs you danced to in the gym after the football game with handsome boys named LaMar and Jermaine. OK, you danced NEAR them. Whatever.

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2na said...

don't even, i said don't even ask me about D Nice....