Friday, January 12, 2007


Oh, my LORD, did I EVER love this video as a child. Costumes changes galore! Wigs! Backing vocals by a Gibb brother! And Ms. Ross HERSELF, being an absolute devil and singing a song about HUMPING!!! This is a song about ORGASMS!!! I had no idea what that meant then but I suspected that they would be great and I WAS SO RIGHT!!!

This song just popped up randomly on my iPod and made my weekend. All hell will begin breaking loose...NOW.

Enjoy Chain Reaction, by Diana Ross (and produced by the Bee Gees)

And speaking of humping, feel free to come see me reading a new essay tonight in...

hosted by Carrie Faverty & Glennis McMurray
11 PM
The P.I.T., 29th & 7th Ave.

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anne altman said...

i need to start slutting it up. i never did. and soon, well nobody wants to see a white-pubed woman slutting it up, so i need to hurry up.