Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"I'm not his girl. He's MY gangster." - Drew Preston, Billy Bathgate

If you haven't seen the movie Billy Bathgate, you're missing out on looking at Loren Dean. And that makes me think you're an idiot, because he may just be physically perfect. Speaking of idiots, read on!

By jove, the utter delight I took tonight in viewing the hilarious ribaldry that IS...Oxygen's The Bad Girls Club! This week, some dimwit chick dry humps an LA shaved ape whilst the other hottentots pass judgement and snipe over sharing limosine privilidges. Oh, 'twas grand!

I attempted to snarf some photo proof of the shennaingans for all you who are too uppity to watch it, or at least admit to doing so. But all I managed to turn up was this casting notice. Too bad I wasn't in Chicago for it. Dang!


It may mean something different to everyone, but if you think of yourself as a "bad girl," then you could be on a new reality show from the producers of The Real World.

The Oxygen Network and Bunim/Murray Productions are currently casting for a new reality series which will bring together six bad girls from across the country. The girls will live in a house in Los Angeles and work with each other to tackle aspects of their personalities that, while making them fabulous, often tend to hold them back from success in relationships and careers. And while the girls efforts may not always be successful, they're going to have a whole lot of fun trying.

Have you ever been called a "drama queen?"

Does your refusal to PLAY BY THE RULES
sometimes get you in trouble?

Do you need to find a way to get it together and reach your dreams without compromising
the things that make you special?

Then Join the club.
The Bad Girls Club.

Saturday, June 17th

The Apartment
2251 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614
11 am – 5 pm

Tell us what makes you special. Tell us what you do for a living and whether you enjoy it. Tell us who are the people closest to you and who are the people holding you back? Finally tell us what are your dreams for the future?

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matt said...

i will watch the hell out of this show. it's like 'starting over' with bigger tantrums.