Monday, January 08, 2007

I heard this song at LEAST three times last night.

Feel free to click on the image to read this illuminating instant message between my delightful roommate and myself. To really play the game full on, why not listen to Jim Carroll's People Who Died and suck down 4 or 7 Bass pints like they're water, all the while yelling at your friend Vince's polite face?!

I am a Jerk Out like Morris Day and The Time.


Vince said...

If I may. As a representative of Beauty Bar I'd like to go on record as saying she's very much still allowed at the show in question. She was not witnessed being mean or yelling in any polite faces during my tenure on the night of the 7th.

Brandy For Sale. said...

I liked when I inquired about your sunlight and complimented your use of the phrase "ditch pig". Well placed, sir. Well placed.

Beauty Bar Comedy Show, Sunday Nights! Go there.