Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Remember that song in Silence Of The Lambs?

Tub Talk JOD, originally uploaded by Brandy For Sale..

That "Goodbye Horses" song, that Jame' Gumb frolics about to, mere steps above his bloody fingernail-bedecked murder chamber?

I think I hear it playing right...now.


matt said...

This is completely gross. Why post this?

Incidentally, I now know who O'Donnell reminds me of with his new longish hair.


Giulia said...

I feel sad

2na said...

I dog the new longish hair and the camo

Brandy For Sale. said...

Later he tried to mount the lovely Lang, who politely asked him to remove his balls from her general vicinity.

Another fun fact from this TUB TALK shoot: I went outside to smoke and heard John singing "We Are The Champions" softly in the bathtub. I was delighted.

saraisloco said...

I knew it was smart to be the first to go and miss camoballz 2000.

matt said...

yes. camonutz182 makes me want to install more locks on my apartment door.

anya. said...

I thought the stache made him look like a serial rapist, until he grew his hair out. At least he didn't free-ball it.

Fun times with you, lady!