Wednesday, January 10, 2007

(Several explosion sound effects F/X)

(That title was stolen from Matt Sears).

Look here! Why if it isn't...LOS ANGELES FRIENDSHIPS (TM)!

In this episode, meet my dearly beloved Colleen, confection-airess and one of the funniest people I imagine will ever meet. The very marvelous, totally missed by many Josh Haness is also seen here in repose with Modelo. And my sweet Roxanne, who is the best of the best. Maybe you recognize her sassy little figure from a certain album cover of the Rollins Band called NICE? That's right, not only do I have a ton of hot friends, but one of them is mostly nekkid!

Kiss kiss to that. I hate LA and I ain't afraid to say it. But, now that some of my favorite people on earth live there, I can see it being mildly tolerable. Like having a leech on my neck. A nice leech, though.

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