Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"And I'm Married. Let's Hook It Up, WORD!"

Joel McHale, I want to do awful things to you. And by awful I mean, NAKED things. I know you're married. I know you have a child. But in my dreams, none of this matters. And in my dreams of a perfect, smart-assed tall husband is where you, sire, dwell.

And by the by, if you're not watching E's The Soup you are missing out on all sorts of magic. So says I. This clip made me laugh until I cried, kicked and nearly peed my butt.

1 comment:

joselyn said...

so do we get to share him or do we fight to the death?
at least we know this one is involved with both of us and not completely lying about it.
i think not. honesty.
let's go kidnap this son of a bitch and make it happen.