Friday, June 29, 2007

Disco Naps.

I love this song. It's by the Gap Band and it's called Outstanding. It used to remind me of someone I "dated" because we used to dance to it all the time- somehow it was either on at his house or at whatever dive bar we were at yet again together. The last time that dancing to this tune together took place was on the stage at the Slipper Room, much to the chagrin of others who were simply trying to enjoy themselves. Later that evening he said something shitty to me (surprise), I dumped my beer in his crotch, and that was that. The night was over. And not 48 hours after, so was the drunken courtship.

Anyway, I've been hearing it a lot lately in a lot of random places...and I really like it again. Nice to know that good things don't have to be ruined unless you let them be.

Both Nigel and Giulia are asleep on my apartment floor right now, after we just scoured the place. How does someone who basically wears a uniform akin to a 4 year old's Garanimals (me) have so much clothing? It baffles me. It also makes me feel crazed in my own space all the time, so a purge was necessary.

Which is why in about 2 seconds I'm going to walk over to where Rozzi is peacefully slumbering and let off an air horn blast right by her ear. Get to steppin'!

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