Friday, June 08, 2007

The Kissing Booth STATS.

Matt, Sara and I compiled some fun facts about The Kissing Booth over the past year. Enjoy!

Year One of the Kissing Booth: A Statistical Review

Number of times Matt McCarthy showed his balls: 5.2
Number of times Brandy flipped someone off: still processing
Number of Times One or both of the hosts were visibly intoxicated/altered onstage: 4
Number of prop baby dolls currently owned by Brandy & Sara: 3
Number of creepy backrubs issued by John F. O'Donnell on/offstage: infinite
Number of stink eyes given to the D Lounge Bartender per show: 37
Number of dumps taken on stage: 1
Amount of show truncated due to tardiness of its 2 hosts: 60%
Number of bags of Hershey’s Kisses bought to serve at shows: 36
Number of Times a heckler has been told he would have his throat slit by Sara: 1
Number of times people made out in bathrooms/closets/backroom: at least 5 that we saw


The Kissing Booth presents: PROM-TACULAR: Our One Year Anniversary!

June 9th, 2007
10:30 pm - $7 cover

10:00pm Doors Open Pre-Prom Party (free spiked punch till it runs out)
10:30pm Show Begins
11:30ish FREE Party to follow (posed prom photos & share your prom story and get a FREE Jello Shot!!)

The Tank
279 Church Street between Franklin and White

$3 Beers All Nite Long!
FREE spiked punch!

With performances by:
Wendy Ho!
Party Central USA!
Tom McCaffrey! a video created with Anya Garrett and special guest appearances from Sue Ball, Mike Dobbins, Katina Corrao, Matt McCarthy, Seth Herzog, Sean Crespo and MORE MORE MORE!

As always, the kick ass dance party begins right when the show ends, SO STICK AROUND or DROP IN LATE!

Brandy & Sara are so fucking amazed they managed to not die of alcohol poisoning over the past year that they're doing a big old celebration party & show. So come on down to our NEW location and share in what has been a year of nonstop filth, foul-mouthery and fun.

Honestly, we're so grateful to have gotten the chance to host the amazing talent we somehow bamboozled onto our stage in front of an audience of warm, wonderful friends (IE: drunks).

This month's installment of THE KISSING BOOTH will feature a mini-show and real life prom stories from lots of funny folks. Plus, appearances from some of your most beloved high school teachers, there to chaperone the totally rad pre-party (don't ask us how we found them, we just do shit like that).

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS!!! Everyone in attendance will be eligible to be King & Queen of the PROM! Your paid admission comes complete with a ballot, so come on down and vote for your damn self.

PLUS! Candy, slow dancing to Warrant and the like, fast dancing to all sorts of "that rap noise" (copyright Brandy's Grandma 1993), comedy tech wizardry from our 3X Dope head writer MATT SEARS, posed prom photos of you looking all hot and shit that will be taken by the sultry NATHAN KLOKE (, and lots of hi-jinx and capers and cutups. Plus, our undying love to you for being a part of the show this past year!



Anonymous said...

Hey, watch out for Matt Sears; He is a SWINGER!

anne altman said...

miss bb

you're the tops. the bb tops.


ps great party! TKB rules.

Brandy For Sale. said...

I love you Alty! You were the best prom committee head of like, EVER.

I hear Sears is a real sex bomb...I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Matt said...

It runs in the family.