Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Damned Thieves!

I have SO many ideas for SO many great shows/movies/novels/Skinemax flicks, and I KNOW I'm the molten-hot-lava-diarrhea shit. I just have to get it together and stop chasing tail enough to keep informed of what my artist breatheren- you know, Joe Francis and the like- are vomiting into the collective cesspool of reality TV. I intend to do this by putting mirrors on my shoes. Reserach, research, and research.

In the meantime, one of my brilliant show ideas was nixed because they felt it was too close to the clip above. I say I wuz robbed. And over 30 years ago to boot! Curses. Foiled again! Back to the drawing board...hmmm. How about something involving little people, horny teens with no moral core, and the Amish. BINGO! OH, YEAH! SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!

This one was for you, Sears.

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