Thursday, July 12, 2007


Another day in paradise. I went on a sunset hour long bike ride, and saw a chipmunk, a woodchuck and 4 deer, 2 of which were babies that still had little white spots, all nuzzling clover. I honestly cannot remember the last time I got on a bike and it was so cool. I am going to be so sore tomorrow. Did I have a vagina when I was 11 and used to ride bikes all day every day? Because it seems that cannot be the case based on the fact that I felt mine was bruised from the MINUTE I SAT ON THE FUCKING BIKE SEAT until the very end. I may need to sit on an ice pack. I feel like a Tri Delt after Rush Weekend in the nether regions right now.

And speaking of genitals...look, a hot dog! This was my $1.50 lunch and I was so pleased. They had a chili station AND Cheez Whiz, which is now for some reason called Easy Cheez. I suspect the commies had something to do with it.

And here is one of the groups of acting students I teach. They are in the process of making up their own game complete with a title, rules and chants. They did an amazing job.

That's Courtney & Eliza, taking all the props for one of the outdoor apprenctice plays to where the actors rehearse on the trusty gold cart. I am not sure if this is the one I had a hand in crashing. Let's hope not.

And here is my pal Emily, who left today to go to Rwanda and all over Africa to study theater and to collect personal stories at sites where genoicide has taken place. She is amazing and does amazing theatrical things, and I will miss her very much. So much that I put on my most foolish summer sun hat as a show of protest. It didn't work. She still went. Ah, well.

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