Thursday, July 12, 2007

See? Even the hottest of hot broads get cheated on by cowardly dorks.

Kate burns Pete's poems

July 12, 2007

KATE MOSS has torched a huge stash of love letters, poems and songs given to her by cheating junkie PETE DOHERTY.

The supermodel has been hiding out at the house of her pal, celebrity hairdresser JAMES BROWN, after dumping the BABYSHAMBLES singer.

She kicked Pete out of her North London home and changed the locks earlier this month after he cheated on her with a South African model.

But I can reveal Kate was already considering dumping her druggie boyfriend before he strayed.

The pair had a huge bust-up after he allegedly helped himself to a pile of cash from her house.

She is now nursing her broken heart after seeking refuge with her good pal James.

And her rehabilitation has included the ceremonial burning of all Pete’s gifts.

He wooed her with his so-called works of art throughout their troubled two-year relationship.

They first got together at her 31st birthday party after Pete gave her a framed envelope on which he’d scrawled the lyrics to his LIBERTINES track What Katie Did.

He continued to make similar, rather teenagerish attempts at romance every time he messed up — scribbling out love letters, poems, songs and even pictures as peace offerings.

A source told me: “Kate gathered quite a collection of Pete’s ramblings over the two years.

“He used the lyrics from his song What Katie Did — which was written about a totally different Kate — to pull her in the first place.

“It continued throughout the relationship. She has piles of love letters, poems, songs and paintings.

“Now Kate has decided to cleanse herself of him by burning the lot.

“It all stinks a bit of a high school break-up.”

And it wasn’t just his grubby hands wandering over other women that finally made her decide to end it.

My source added: “They had already had a huge row over money before Pete went on the pull.

“Kate claimed he had helped himself to a load of cash she had stashed in her flat.

“She told friends she was angry he hadn’t asked her first.

“It had made her question whether she could trust him once again.

“They had a fall-out and Pete’s reaction confirmed in Kate’s mind it was time to let go.”

It really does look like the split is final this time thank God.

-from The Sun, UK

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