Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Late night grilling & chilling in the "backyard" I.E., the fucking entire woods. I love being up here, especially when I'm in the middle of discussing student progress and it's broken up by a feral cat fight that practically sends us all cowering into our townhouses.

Anthony prepped dry-rubbed ribs and grilled peaches with balsamic vinegar, and Lindsay made hand-stirred Nutella & chocolate chip milkshakes. My dearest Drew & I were thrilled (obviously).

And here's some shots from one of the many apprentice company productions staged here in the summer. This one was an episodic piece based on the courting letters of Lindsay's grandparents, and it was amazing. The students are always an inspiration to me, and to the whole staff.

And then I came home to my townhouse today and realized one of our delightful skunk friends had sprayed in the near vicinity. What a delight!

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