Friday, July 27, 2007


From a recent issue of OK! Magazine:

...Heidi Klum, 34, tells the mag her secret to multi-tasking. "You have to be open, take it day by day, then see if it works, if it fits your lifestyle and what you believe in at the moment," says the supermodel.

Seriously, does anyone know what the FUCK she's talking about?! What in the name of good gravy does that mind-bogglingly vapid statement have to do at all with multi-tasking? Unless by multi-tasking you mean it helps me dream up all sorts of ways for me to want to punch your damned teeth in, Heidi. Jesus!

This photo shows our gal Heidi multi-tasking her incredibly lucrative pussy, which from what I can gather, the woman is a pro at. Listen, Fraulein Klum, let's just keep flashing the ta-tas, which you can do mutely, and keep the old yapper shut. No one wants to hear anymore of your pseudo-German gibberish. Show us your oiled-up buttocks some more and turn down the volume- no multi-tasking required there.

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