Monday, July 09, 2007

My pals are neat, and so on, and the like.

Anne Altman is one cool broad. This is the kind of shit she does on the daily. She also has a cat what she trained to take a d in the people's toilet and, she will feed you Mike's Hard DIET lemonade if you are lucky enough to go to her fucking cool apartment (Which, by the way, she would NEVER refer to as a "flat", like some fucking semester abroad dipshit who moved to England for a year might try to pull off and fail miserably at). She may be listening to Willie Nelson real louad at the time and in honor of him, wearing a bandanna and chain smoking American Spirits. Just for kicks.

Love you, Alty. You're the tops. And now...PEET-ZIES!!!!!


matt said...

I've never made it past the doorman.

anne altman said...

wow! that looks like me!

thanks for the tribute, bb.

love you.