Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Sweet Escape.

I could not be in a more blissed out state right now. Honestly, I needed to get the hell out of my rut and change it up. And here is what that means for me, and has meant, for the past 5 summers. A trip upstate.

The patio table & grill where all the "Staff Dinners" take place. These involve wine, steaks and lots of bullshitting. Amazing.

Courtney and Ed, who is cooking us a fabulous pizza & pasta dinner offset with many Red Stripes on his posh pad off campus.

Ed with the beloved Bryan & Michelle of Le Mad fame- out front of the Beechtree, where I've spent at least 3 birthdays and plan to be in attendance for the next.

My backyard- well, a fraction of it. Also, my newly purchased bike, for whom I do not have a name yet. I will have to christen her tomorrow when I ride on down to the Farmer's Market in search of fresh veggies and the like.

Myself and the fantastic Jen Wineman, director and friend. Note the awesome t-shirt which is a mash up of Bjork and her manfriend Matthew Barney. Wineman brings the goods.

And what can we say about this one? Drew. Just Drew. Sigh.

Emily is off to Africa tomorrow to direct and shit. And there's Jen again, making a dress out of a skirt. And these are our cabin rooms. Awesome.

And of is mine. Welcome to the Pony Party that is my life.

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