Monday, August 08, 2005

Best. Birthday. EVER.

Saturday marked the onslaught of what has to be my favorite birthday ever. I've never really had fun on birthdays, even whan I really wanted to. John threw me an awesome party on my 28th, but I was in a deep funk because of some dumb ass boy so it was tainted with my pouting. Since then, it's been pretty slim pickings, so to speak. The year after, the person who I was closest to at the time didn't even show up to my party until midnight, and she was beyond hammered. She had told me she'd be there at 7. You can imagine how happy I was. Last year, my relationship was disentegrating and I was so unhappy I cancelled my bar-b-que rather than fight with Ben in front of everyone.

I wasn't even going to have a damned party this year, to be honest. I did some deep thinking (aka whined to Mom & Sara & Anne). I tried to pinpoint what I really wanted to create- a fun, crazy hi-jinx laden environment where everyone could have a relaxed time, even if they didn't drink, where we could all hear one another, where people could smoke if they wanted and where no one had to spend ludicrous amounts of money. And so, I eschewed a stupid, crowded, loud bar party. Ms. Lady Anne (and adorable roommate Kris) were kind enough to host at their East Williamsburg apartment, which had a spacious patio and a eardrum splitting stereo- perfect for dancing to Destiny's Child, as per the birthday girl's demands. Instead of being stressed out and spending too much money on overpriced drinks, I got to drink 5+ bottles of champagne, talk to each of my lovely friends, feast on delicious treats, and dance dance dance! I had intended to head out to go dancing later when we were all good and smashed, but we were all having so much fun at Anne's I just decided to stay there. Anne also had everyone design me horrid bird-themed birthday signs, which made me so happy/grossed out I could cry. Everyone was having a blast- and then the second wave of "party" began at 11:45 pm- but that's a decadent story involving a screening of Velvet Goldmine, the Xanadu soundtrack, and yet another forgotten bottle of champagne. Scandalous!

The classy spread included:
Goldfish crackers
Fudge Stripe cookies
brie & herbed goat cheese
rosemary crackers
cracked pepper crackers
queso & chips (courtesey of Anne)
brownies (courtsey of Anne)
fresh salami & prosciutto
dill hummus with carrots & grape tomaotes
and, Anne's infamous Weenie Bites! This time, fully cooked!!!

I had, all in all, a dream birthday. Everyone was just the right shade of drunk (or otherwise), I got to eat awful delicious food, my plastic tumbler didst overflow with cheap chilled champagne, I had a cute boy as my date who slowdanced with me to ELO, and I was surrounded by the people I loved the most, who were also genuinely having fun, not just humoring me & yet another lmae-ass NYC bar party. Thanks to all who came and brought me a bottle of champagne and your love- it meant the world to me. I can honestly say I had the best birthday party ever, and for me, Little Miss Party Girl, that's saying something. I have some of the best friends ever. Just feast your eyes and see!

Sara does the splits after she & Anne's spirited rendition of "Sisters". The fan was broken by the end of the night. Is it a mystery as to why?

Brandy: Come straddle me and take a picture.
Sara: I'll be feeding you this.
Brandy: That's great.
All onlookers: Get a room, you two.

Action group shot! That's April, Suzanne, Rosanne, Sara, Anne, Dan, & Matthew.

Sara & Anne scarf weenie bites and scream "Food Glorious Food" at Dan, who is clearly trapped like a rat.

The gigantic, industrial fan was a true hit in the warm apartment. Plus, you can pose like you're in a RATT video and drink an entire bottle of proseco in mere minutes.


saraisloco said...

I am still reeling in the after effects of what transpired on that hot humid August night. I am giddy with glee every time I flip thru the pictures. It was so much fun. One of those nights that won't ever be duplicated but we'll keep referencing until the next ridiculous night of debauchery and hi-jinks galore!

Giulia said...

I enjoyed myself throughly, thank you for the enjoyable evening it was quite lovely.