Thursday, August 11, 2005

Delicious Brooklyn Friendships!

Matthew, Anne, Me, Steve, Sara, & Porter.

"Please, sire, I've cleaned the soot from the chimneys. Might I have a crust o' bread?"

Oh, dear!

Steve, Porter, Sara, Matthew, & Anne.

I wanted my brother to meet some of the members of my (BOYZ II MEN/A.B.C./B.B.D) East Coast Family, so we had an impromptu Brooklyn dinner tonight. Everyone was in great spirits, laughing and being gregarious. And nary a drop of alcohol in sight. We were laughing to the point of having tears in our eyes, and everyone in the restaurant, including the waiter who I (meaning Kathy & Terry, my folks, who paid for the dinner) tipped generously, hated us. Mission accomplished! Since my parents are so far away, I like them to know I have some great people around to keep an eye on me. I'm so proud of my friends. The bastards.

Porter and Brandy love making dreams come true!


2na said...

Brandy... your bro is ummmm really cute!!

saraisloco said...

I LOVED last night. I'm just really impressed that none of us had one sip of booze and still remained to annoy the shit out of every other patron, the bar and wait staff, and the owner of that shiny new van outside.

"A MAN!!!"

Brandy For Sale. said...

I thought Sara was making a reference to the film "The Bad Seed" while we were eating. But then, we went outside and saw a van painted with bad, sad "graffiti" that read The Bad Seedz. I wish I was kidding. I was fit to faint.