Friday, August 05, 2005

"Last Night I Had So Much Fun".

I tend to be a happy drunk.

However, one night, last winter, after a long drunken karaoke session, where I drank a distrubing amount of beer from a 40 oz. and then became inexplicably angry, I attempted to make a deposit at my local bank on the way home. I had just left Webber and Anne on the corner of 7th and 26th in my huff. I decided to endorse the check, and I don't really recall why I started scrawling- maybe my pen didn't work? The results are featured here. It's to my credit that I knew what I was doing was insane enough to deserve photo proof. That makes it less horrible...right?

As I was leaving the ATM vestibule, I took a huge stack of deposit envelopes, grunted hatefully, and threw them into the air and then stood in the shower of them. Then, I went and hailed a cab as the sun came up and was as pleasant to the driver as if I hadn't just abusively endorsed a legal document and then defaced an HSBC branch location. Therein lies my charm.

(Please notice that I scribbled "MAGIC!" on there)

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