Thursday, August 25, 2005

Green Mexican Blanket From TJ.

This is the cutest, cutest dog. Ben's roommate, Steve, has a doggy named Crockett and I got to visit with him yesterday. This dog is rad. More on this dog later, as updates become available.

You should go look at this blog, which is written by a really brilliant comedian named Will, who has a brother named Kevin who is also really fucking funny. (There is another brother who I am not as well aquainted with- odds are, funny, too). Tanget over. Anyway, it's a cool discussion about music. I want to go back and look at it alot and then get all those albums, based on the loving things people say about them. I'm very impresionable it seems.

My friend Cathy is guestblogging this week. Check it out. She kicks so much ass. Also- if you're around Saturday go see her final Poetry Game Show at Bowery Poetry Club- it's at 4 PM, plenty of time to go see it and get drunk when it's light out. And it's part of the HOWL! Festival so you can be all arty and learn-ed and shit.

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