Thursday, August 18, 2005

"Violate yourself, Paige."

Just when I thought this lovely day couldn't get any better, I turned on Oh! and Friends 'Til The End was on. AND it's the music video in the desert scene, natch. Upon this particular viewing, I realized I love love love the 1997 fashions. The super short silk slip dress with the platform boots. Word. And everyone has a Rachael cut and Chanel Vamp nail polish and matte red lips. Also, there are lots of leather blazers. Eeep. Micro-mini skirts in tartans, opaque black tights, Mom jean Levi 501s with a big belt giving you that paperbag waist look, all sorts of little vestigial backpacks, cropped boucle roll neck sweaters, and the infamous cropped poorboy mock turtleneck with those 3 or 4 bands of color across the boobs. I feel like I'm back in college and it hurts so good. Full disclosure: I think I've seen this movie at least 3o times over the past 8 years, on a variety of cable channels. And Laura my dearest SF friend had it on tape and we'd watch it quite a bit way back when, right before our daily TRL/Judge Jusy viewings. Like a fine wine, Friends 'Til The End only gets better with time. That is, if the wine had huge rat-bitten chunks of Velveeta floating in it.

I guess when blood begins to pour out of my vaginal canal, I become Betty Crocker. Because today I baked a blueberry cobbler and ruined a fairly nice pair of pants.

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