Saturday, October 22, 2005

...and you'll never guess where I put it!

My friend Brianne sent me a hilarious book that I sat down and read in one sitting. It is written by this fabulous woman who calls herself Mama Gena.

I am usually pretty annoyed by any sort of "How To Catch That Handsome Man (You Fat Loathsome Troll)!" books. They make me want to puke, in fact. But this is a horse of a different color. This is a book that says hilarious, kick-ass things. I have excerpted them below, because I look forward to reading them over and over again for my own amusement. You may also like them. Skip-de-dee!

Exercise #1: Write A Little Fairy Tale
Write down the fairly tale of love that you were raised with. Which kind of princess were you supposed to be, and what kind of princely rescue was supposed to happen? Really do it up with dragons, if you want them, illustrations of you in your ballgown, and of course, the happily-ever-after kiss. Let's get that story out on the table. Read it out loud to one of your...pals. Get a little perspective on the unrealistic expectations you are counting on some guy to fulfill.

"...when a woman meets a man, she has a bizarre tendency to abandon her world for her man. She ditches her friends, quits her normal fun activites, and becomes all about him and his world. Mama will have none of this. Keep your friends. Maintain all the those cool things you did before you met him. We want you to fit him in your fabulous life, not the other way around."

And, my favorite, which is a title over a particular paragraph:

"Don't Put An Egg Timer On Your Orgasm"

Hilarious. And oh, so true. There are some parts of the book I am not so keen on. But overall, it demands that women take responsibility for thier pleasure. Me likey.

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