Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dutch Girls Must Be Punished for Having Big Boobs.

David Brent, talking about Chris Finch:

He was in an argument once and he went "How can I hate women, my mum's one?"

Who stayed up all night and re-read her copy* of The Office Season One Scripts? This nerd.

*signed, "To Brandy, Cheers, Ricky Gervais". NERD CRED.

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2na said...


You know how I feel about senor Gervais... he is so dreamy and the funniest person ever... and yeah I have all of the Office on DV frikin D! Extras... also very funny... CLUBFOOT!!! I like when Tim talks about the bar scene... he says, "there is New York, New York bc it is the city that never sleeps, yeah, that closes at 1"