Saturday, October 08, 2005


Perfect Saturday afternoon.

Wake up.

Pet Nigel.

Check email.

Finish reading "Polite Sex" by James Wilcox.

Cry over how good "Polite Sex" was.

Move to couch, still wearing giant Lucious Jackson t-shirt, circa 1996 from the Tower Records at the Costa Mesa Anti-Mall (not my title, they made it up; it also has an Urban Outfitters- wicked alt!).

Eat macaroni and chese from the pot.

Watch Cable Guy and feel unmitigated delight, especially at the sight of David Cross with more hair.

Talk to Sara about clothes, comedy performances.

Get angry about racism.

Desire ice cold can of Dr. Pepper.

Devise new game show pitch: "UTI or STD? YOU Be The Judge!"

Watch Nigel nap in a shoebox, atop my "Naval Academy Class of 2006" totebag.

Feel bad for how mean I was to this one kid, Brian, in high school.

Wish more movie theaters carried fountain Dr. Pepper.

The age old dilemma: Pants or no pants for Ms. Barber?

Mourn the fact the Mike Nelson is married.

Admit to self that transformation into Crazy Cat Lady is nearing completion.

1 comment:

Jessie said...

sounds like a good day to me, yo