Sunday, October 30, 2005

Happy Halloweiner, or, How I Learned To Stop Having A Breakdown About My iPod.

FUCKING iPOD!!!!!!!!!

I cried 2 times last night. Once, in the cab because I was sad about a last minute cancellation and once because after a disturbing amount of work, my iPod playlist wouldn't work and I had to let go ofmy dreams to get the party moving to "Sir Duke".

What happens to an iPod DJ's dream deferred? In this case after a Diana Ross tantrum I calmed the fuck down and doubled up on the drinks.

The result? I ended up getting to dance to"Back For Good" with Angela at 4:30 am in a puddle of beer (Angela's, which had been dropped earlier) and mushed frosting (which I threw at someone earlier). What a fun party- thanks to the other 5 hosts and to Tai Lounge, andmost especially thanks to all you who came out in your fantastic costumes. And those who had no costumes were scolded by Giulia, which I assure you, I would not want to be. That one's a handful.

I feel like I should sing "Oh, What A Night (December 1963)" now. If you'll excuse me, I shall.


April said...

ilove the pick with you and the 'dead guy'. i loved that guy. so much fun. had a fab time.

saraisloco said...

April my apologies now about changing every "couple skate" song just when you were staring to enjoy them. I fear that I may not have left Lionel Richie's, "Hello" on long enough. And am sorry.

Giulia said...

The costumeless folks deserved to be spanked. If one more dude told me he was dressed as " an out of towner" I would have puked my 9 cocktails on him. Regardless the evening was too fun, except that I passed out at 2 am. Boo on me.

2na said...

I love you all... April I may not know you but since you came I love you as well.... and if I met you I apologize for not remembering b/c I was a little bit drunk.

April said...

2na you were more than a little bit drunk, sweetie.