Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Sex Life of the Polyp.

"It's sexist, and I hate it." - David Brent

Q: When did you realize you were a feminist, Brandy?

A: One particular moment stands out. My best friend in high school, Becky, went to go see Johnny B. Goode at the Plaza Camino Real Cinemas (still there, still only 4 screens and still a great place to see a Marine getting a hand job). She relayed to me, with dismay, a scene where a cheerleader, in order to woo the hotly pursued footbal prodigy played by Anthony Michael Hall to go to her particular school, does backflips without underwear on. I felt sad and sort of ashamed. I didn't know why it was gross (I hadn't yet learned the terms "objectification" or "the male gaze"), but I knew it was.

Cut to me looking at this classy cat costume the other day in Ricky's (A NYC cosmetics chain store frequented by drag queens that goes into crappy costume overdrive come October) and feeling sad, a wee bit smug that I have enough self respect not to try and dress "sexy" on Halloween (anymore), and mostly embarassed. All this, as the fat guy in a Nets jersey behind me at said Ricky's location keeps repeating, "Aw yeah! Here, pussy pussy!" and laughing uproariously at himself.

Happy Halloween!

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