Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Elle est très triste.

This one's for you, Porter Mason.

My iPod and I are fighting today, as is the rule since my technological skills are akin to a chimp's. Well, to be fair, a chimp, if left to its own jungle devices, could manipulate a twig to score itself some tasty ants from out of their hill as a treat. I on the other hand can't seem to open the packets of hot sauce from Taco Bell that I so treasure without a major mishap or child proof scissors. There you have it. The right wings cukoos are correct, evolution is but a myth, at least in my case.

Anyway, my iPod does not want to let me download songs off of another computer, since I have now hooked it up to my secondary laptop. This bites my ass, as I spent way too much time downloading obscure 80s r&b and random pop ephemera and now want that to be front and center on my little white ear tampon. I have begged, wheedled and cajoled, all to no avail. "Ipod", I said in my most saccharine voice, "you know how excited I was to find You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song) on LimeWire. Must you deprive me of the pleasure of listening to it at full blast on the F train at rush hour? Why would you take away the glee I get when the confused 20-somethings who claim they're totally influenced by Cheap Trick and dress like one of the Go-Gos overhear a song that's NOT by Franz Ferdinand!? Damn you, iPod, you minx!"

It could be worse, I could turn on my iPod and it could make its electronic death mask, as it did to my near and dear, Porter. iPod, thy name is fickleness.

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Planet B said...

At least your apartment didn't get robbed on Tuesday night and the only thing they took was your relatively new 20 gig iPod... at least my new iBook was with me, or I would have lost that too.

I think you need to download some software from VersionTracker.com that might allow you to get around the iTunes thing.

happy hollow weenie.