Sunday, May 08, 2005


This post is from Porter, who has had it with love and refuses to pretend otherwise. Even though he does not have a uterus, we seem to be on the same disillusioned cycle.

I got a scary amount of sleep and I feel great. Now I can coast through the week with my customary 5 hours or less a night.

I in fact just woke up from another nap, and am ravenous. I want a bagel but instead will be forcing myself to consume an omlette. Good on ya.

This has to be the most boring post of all time. Jesus. I love this blog but let's not kid ourselves, it's for me 100%. I write it so that I can read it a week later and go, what an ass I am. No pithy, snotty commentary or life-affirming disocveries here. Just me, occasionally acknowledging that there is in fact a world outside of my anus. I said, occasionally.

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Lianne Stokes said...

'Sup new friend? I loved meeting you @ Mortified. Ms. Giulia has some sweet-ass friends. I linked you to my personal bag o' crazy.. my blog.