Wednesday, May 18, 2005


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This is Astaire. He is one of the stars of a movie that we are filming for the show. His outfit looks very Boyz II Men/ABC/BBD- the East Coast Family.

I am exhausted. I mean, like at the end of the tunnel of exhaustion. Catsitting was awesome, but I never sleep as well in another bed as I do in mine. But the neighborhood I was in- the East Village- can't be beat for adventures, and the weather was orgasmic, so I made the most of it with nightly strolls and lots of entitled coffee drinking and smoking to try to blend in.

I tried to have quality time with much-missed gal pal Emily, but she was away in Brooklyn. I clumsily, and with lack of planing, did this by calling her while standing under the building which I thought was hers, commanding her to appear on demand. It was not so. So instead of summoning her from her apartment Sunday evening and dragging her across 14th street to Beauty Bar for a nail file and a cocktail as we always plan to but never seem to do, I met with another friend for dinner. We ate at delicous Viva Herbal Pizza on 2nd and it was awesome as always but I got sick from a garlic-sauce overdose. Their whole wheat crust is fan-fucking-tastic. It was great.

Monday night Anne and I misbehaved and stayed up all night acting out scenes from "Boogie Nights" (figuratively) and running lines for our show taping, which happened today. And immediately after that, I went and droped off the postcard file to the printer- on 10th Street & 1st Ave, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED- and ate dinner with Porter at Smoke. Then we went for a stroll and stopped off at the always lovely Rififi to (how shall I out this delicately) pee. While I was there I ran into a guy I hadn't seen in ages, who used to be in a sketch group I really admired. He hosts a punk rock karaoke at the Continental with the band that was unfairly fired from Arlene's so I'll have to go check that out. All in all it was a whirlwind and I don't even know how I'm awake. I must still be wired from last night's hi-jinx.
Now I am going to finish my newest book review, write a sketch, and finally, go to bed, dreaming of makeout, Dr. Pepper, watermelon sugar free Jello, and a firm back massage. How very specific and sad.

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