Monday, May 16, 2005

Quickly, ever quicker.

No more posts that are Fountains of Wayne titles. At least for the next few days. The show is coming up and I am so f-n excited.

Show stuff is still my focus. To the exclusion of anything else. I am so in love with my show, we were meant to be.

My lovely freind April makes amazing, truly unqiue jewelry. She is someone you should buy stuff from because it's the kind of thing you will not find anywhere else. You can send her pictures of things and she can attempt to recreate it for you. Plus, she named a pair of earrings after me, becvause they are all I wear. I loved mine so much I comissioned a pair for Sara for Christmas. So check them out!

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saraisloco said...

April is so incrediblt talented and Brandy was sweet enough to give me that lovely pair I got for Xmas. Buy er stuff - you will NOT be dissapointed!