Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Peace and Love.

Kevin Feels Pretty.
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Sara & I got ourselves a director, kids! See picture of looney bird.

I am very excited about our sketch show, although I am also a bundle of nerves right now. If you get any desperate, screechy, scary emails/phone calls from me demanding an outrageous favor, please try to remember how cute I am when I pat your arm and ask you to tell me more about your family, whose names I then will forever remember and whom I will ask you about until the end of time as if I know them. Or, reflect on how I torment anyone who's mean to you and they become my enemy automatically. Or even evoke how I like to dance, dance, dance! Just think on those good times when you get that 4 am phone call asking you if you have a 1930's working sewing machine and can I come get it RIGHT NOW, mmm-kay?


H Fink said...

Hey thats cool, you guys are gonna have so much fun making your show!

April said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i'm so happy for you! too cool!

Anne said...


(i love you guys too...)