Monday, May 23, 2005

On The Boat.

On The Boat.
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Look- David again, two years later at a birthday party on the boat.

What is the boat I speak of, you ask? Why, it is a fun little place docked at the piers in NYC off the West Side Highway. As the name infers, it is indeed a boat in the truest sense of the word, and it is formally titled the Lightship Frying Pan. And people rent it out for parties and such. Someone told me once that it's a great place to take ecstacy, and if you see it, you'll know why.

It can be a bit treacherous, what with all the cat walks made of mesh, stairwells and slick metal. But it's also cool, dark and dank- and there's lots of secret rooms that used to be sailor's bunks. It screams out for makeout, and I'm always all hyper to have some sort of awesome encounter there. But this year, at this particular party that this photo is from (my friend Ed's with a bunch of other friends of his), it was not to be. I did get a makeout raincheck, which was nice but useless. The person I wanted to make out with, I didn't. Instead, I spent most of the night having a fun time talking and drinking gin and I think ginger ale from a Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper bottle I smuggled on, because I am A) Broke and B) Classy. I also danced, which makes me so happy I cannot tell you. I love to dance (for example, I came home tonight and I was in such a good mood from all the music I listened to on the train, that I kept my headphones on and danced to BeWitched and absolutely terrified Nigel). It was a fun party. No makeout, but fun. Sums it all up perfectly.


Glenda said...

Hey I just wanted to say I love reading your blog. It's nice to know someone has a life out there ;)

Also, you mentioned "Bewitched" and if that's the same euro pop group (aren't they?) I think it is..that is so funny, I have their title CD that I bought for a single a long time ago..and now I have an 8 yr old that can't get enough of it, so I'm forced to hear it over and over again. It's great ;)

Brandy For Sale. said...

It IS the same Irish pop group! I was listening to "C'est La Vie". I love that BeWitched CD. Peter Bagge, an amazing cartoonist, was interviewd by the Onion a while ago and he had that same CD playing in the background. He said althought it was his daughetrs, he'd sort of come to love it, it was really happy. For some reason, I always love to think of him drawing "Hate" when I listen to it.

Thanks so much for reading- make sure and check out my blog links too, I have some really funny friends who I am amazed by daily.