Monday, March 14, 2005

I'd like to hand her a tampon grenade, and how!

The story behind 'The Bumper of My SUV' by Chely Wright

''In June of 2003, I was one of many entertainers, athletes and actors who traveled to the Middle East to entertain the troops. … truly inspirational for me due to the fact that my brother had just served in Iraqi Freedom. Our tour missed him by 10 days. Chris is a Marine. Before he was deployed to the Persian Gulf, my brother sent me a small Marine Corps sticker.
''I proudly marched down to my [SUV] in my garage and slapped that thing on the back
. Most of my motivation for doing that was pride, but a bit of my reasoning was simply that I was scared. My brother was going off to war. I wanted to show my support of this fact …
''So, after I returned from that initial trip into Iraq, I was driving down a main drag there in Nashville called West End when something happened. Something obviously moving enough for me to drive straight home and write this song. What you will hear in the song, The Bumper Of My SUV, is the absolute truth. No exaggerations, no poetic license, and truly how it made me feel. I had no intention of ever playing this song for anyone.
''I am in no way trying to exploit the situation in the Middle East by writing a country song about it and 'cashing in.' I am simply keeping my promise to about 4,000 young men and women who personally asked a favor of me ... and I humbly said, yes.''

Am I alone in wanting to throttle this dumb bitch for sending her own brother to war along with hundreds of other innocent military personnel since she had to have a fucking gas guzzling SUV (she and every other moron in the US, for absolutely no decent reason)? And then writing a song about how upset she is that someone thinks she's full of shit? What a fucking opportunistic freak. Tell you what, I don't see your fucking loser ass over there, which seems odd since you're so proud n' patriotic. Feel free to march it on over to Iraq with your cracker ass guitar in hand you fucking assface.