Friday, March 18, 2005

The Scorpion Bowl

All statements will be made in sentences in this entry.

1) I like Jake In Progress because not only is it fairly amusing, but John Stamos is fucking ravishing- especially his hair.

2) I got to see the final episode of Spaced last night and I was not thrilled, even though I do so love it.

3) I read "Dry" in about a day and it was amazing.

4) I held some scret joy in my heart when I flipped on American Justice and watched some of the special of the woman who ran over her cheating husband.

5) The joy of being single continued when I flipped channels from American Justice to Lifetime which was showing The Burning Bed, which I did not watch, but appreciated.

6) I went to a bar in my neighborhood that I've not been to before but have wanted to go to and it was pretty OK.

7) I looked at couples at the bar and considered what it might be like to date someone who actually enjoys going out to have a drink at a bar once in a while.

8) I made roasted zucchini and cheese raviloi for dinner.

9) I love, love, love Dr. Pepper.

10) I feel like I have finally gotten two consecutive nights of rest, after three weeks of insanity.

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