Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Jo Jo Beaver Hand Puppet.

When you are on line during the day, as long as you get your work done, who the fuck cares? Apparently some of my co-workers, who took it upon themselves to "comment" to my boss that I was.

Now I will readily admit, I have been really bad these past few days. I've been slacking a bit, online constantly doing stupid time wasting things and putting out show related fires. But all of my work has been done before deadline. I just haven't asked for as much work to replace it and instead waited until I was assigned it. Sort of passive aggressive, but true. Sometimes you need to blow off steam. My boss and I were chatting about something and she politely and diplomatically brought my "personal emailing" up. Now that is confusing, because I do tend to check my own email accounts frequently. But I also send personal e-mail from my work account quite a bit. What does sending a lot of e-mail mean? I am going to assume it means being online on the non-work account. Fine. Although I don't like being told what to do ever, I understand where she's coming from. But here's what makes me angry: she said other people had mentioned to her that I did a lot of e-mailing. And that is bullshit. I don't work for other people, I work for her.

I am really hostile now. Who wants to work with a bunch of nanny goat tattle-tales? And even more upsetting is the idea that this was even discussed, because obviously it happened in my absence. I feel like I've been sent to the corner, how stupid. My boss was very cool though and also apologetic. She said that if I want to deal with that stuff on my hour lunc break that was fine. So now I am going top make a sign that says "I AM AT LUNCH" to be a dick to the tattler(s). How fucking lame is that, that I even have to do that?.

God what if it was work crush? I will kick him in the dick if so.

LATER: As I was editing this, a co-worker said my sign was "cute". Cute like a hand grenade I'll have you know, sir/madame.

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