Wednesday, June 01, 2005


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What the hell am I doing, drinking in LA at 26?

In 1999, my friend Joey was obsessed with Bran Van 3000, to the degree that other people fetishize Bob Dylan or Kraftwerk. It made not a lot of sense to me, as at the time they had only the album that the above lyric is from out with a second one pending. But Joey is magical that way. It makes sense to him, and he could care less what the fuck you have to say from a criticism point of view. I give him this- it is a fucking good album. Plus, they were Grand Royal musicians, and that to me is always a mark of good things. Grand Royal was our Apple, I always thought. Maybe that sounds lame and self-important. Fuck you, then. I suggest you go download the single Cars song you've heard in that TV commercial and talk about how much you love the whole 80's sound, douche nozzle.

Rob Webber always calls me Bran Van, and it always makes me smile when he does.

I was walking with Ben a few weeks ago, bitching about my recent dating woes to him and soliciting his wise ex-boyfriend advice, while wishing we could both get over whatever problems we had with one another and get back together, knowing how silly and futile it was but still stubbornly, subconsciously entertaining the thought. We were walking in DUMBO and went out on the pier, and I leaned over the railings towards the water with the intent of being a smartass, to make him laugh and to make him scold me. That's when I saw this sticker. I had to rotate the picture- it was upsdie down, facing Manhattan. It's been there for a while I imagine, since this album graphic has been in use since I lived in San Francisco in 1998. I was really intrigued- I gushed about it to Ben. He told me to get down and stop being a goofball.

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