Thursday, June 23, 2005

dont look back

Friends & Lovers
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Meet Pee-Wee & Claude in person. At the last, that's right, THE LAST in our month-long run of sketch show at The PIT this Saturday night.

People, what more could you want?! There will be free Malibu & Pineapple jello shots. There will be me partially nude. There will be Sara in a dirty pink sweatsuit that says "Sweety Cherry" or some such nonsense. And, of course, these two boys who are pictured in the bed.

It's going to be tons of BYOB fun, and the party after will go on until at least 5 am. Don't be lame. Come out and be part of it.

written & performed by Sara Allocco & Brandy Barber
directed by Kevin Allison
featuring Matthew Weiss

Saturday June 25th @ 11 pm - $8
Show info & tickets here.

We suggest you pre-buy your tickets. Hell, we suggest you just buy them, moneybags. And bring all your cute single, 6' and up, dark-haired guy friends. Especially if they wear glasses.

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Giulia said...

look at all that pussy in your bed!